Until We Knew

Elisabet O Klint

”I dream that I am speaking for both of us and that
we are listening together to the story that I am telling.

I watch him smiling, laughing and gesticulating to show his feelings. Could I have made him any happier, more comfortable or more secure? Or was he happy perhaps, and even thankful deep inside that I was there for him the entire time? Which of his actions were really his own, and which resulted from his illnesses?”

Until We Knew is a moving depiction of one woman’s dilemma in love and in grief. In her autobiographical story, Elisabet O Klint allows us to accompany her through life as it happened, with the aid of notes jotted down retrospectively in her diary.

Her hope has been to be able to understand, and to improve things for others in the same situation. Her words grip the reader as she brings to life the situation that developed when her husband was diagnosed with both ALS and frontotemporal dementia, two life-threatening diseases with no cure.